Northlands office will close on Friday 22nd December and Re-Open Monday 8th January 2018.

The following contact numbers may be used for advice in the case of an emergency if your Northlands home is less than 2 years old.

Electricians    Ricky Jordan 078 4158 4106 (Bridgelea/Lily Wood Lane)

                       John Langford 078 1074 1919 or

                       Lee Eadie 075 9974 2152 (Claremont)    

Plumbers        Padraig McGreevy 0751 8404 4348

                       Rhyss   0754 3968 426

Please Note:  These numbers are soley for emergency purposes and any call outs may incur a charge.  THIS IS NOT A 24 HOUR SERVICE AND IS SUBJECT TO PLUMBER/ELECTRICIAN AVAILABILITY.  For any non emergency situations please email the Sales Office on and it will be attended to when the office re-opens.